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Node Roundup: 0.10.4, Papercut, rsz, sz

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Node 0.10.4

Node 0.10.4 was released last week. There are bug fixes for some core modules, and I also noticed this:

v8: Avoid excessive memory growth in JSON.parse (Fedor Indutny)

Another interesting patch was added to the stream module, to ensure write callbacks run before end:

stream: call write cb before finish event

The Node blog was quietly updated to change the latest 0.8 to read "legacy" instead of "stable". I don't recall previous stable releases being referred to in this way before, so I thought it was worth mentioning here.


Papercut (GitHub: Rafe / papercut, License: MIT, npm: papercut) by Jimmy Chao is an image uploading module that supports Amazon S3 and resizing and cropping through node-imagemagick.

Uploaders can be created according to a schema, allowing them to be used to manage different aspects of your application's image handling requirements:

AvatarUploader = papercut.Schema(function(schema){  
    name: 'avatar'
  , size: '200x200'
  , process: 'crop'

    name: 'small'
  , size: '50x50'
  , process: 'crop'

Papercut also supports configuration using NODE_ENV, so it's easy to configure to work sensibly in various deployment environments.


rsz (GitHub: rvagg / node-rsz, License: MIT, npm: rsz) by Rod Vagg is a module for resizing images based on LearnBoost's node-canvas. The API is based around a single method which accepts various signatures. The basic usage is rsz(src, width, height, function (err, buf) { /* */ }).


sz (GitHub: rvagg / node-sz, License: MIT, npm: sz), also by Rod, is another image-related module. This one can determine the size of an image. It should be noted that both of these modules work with image files and Buffer objects.

var buf = fs.readFileSync('image.gif');

sz(buf, function(err, size) {  
  // where `size` may look like: { height: 280, width: 400 }