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MoscowJS, Radiohead WebGL, Web Typography, Opa

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Moscow now has its very own JavaScript meet up: Moscow JavaScript
. This is organised by
Oleg Podsechin who has written for DailyJS, and Anton Korenyushkin, who founded

Find out more by following the Moscow JavaScript Twitter

Oleg said they've had 100 people sign up within 24 hours of announcing
the event, so it's probably a good idea to register now!

Radiohead WebGL

Radiohead WebGL by
Mikko Haapoja uses the House of Cards dataset to render an
interesting 3D visualisation.

Web Typography for the Lonely

Web Typography for the Lonely (sent in by @sstarr) aims to draw designers into our wonderful world of CSS3 and JavaScript. Some of the
examples are really interesting, particularly

If you're a fan of Lettering.js this should
be up your alley.


Opa is now open source (GitHub: MLstate / opalang, License: GNU
). They
announced it to us as part of promoting their Opa Developer

Opa is a full-stack platform for building web applications that can be
easily deployed to cloud services or a private server. It includes the
Opa language, and generates suitable client-side code for browsers.

In a sense it reminds me of projects like
SproutCore and Cappuccino, but it's taking an approach more like server-oriented architectures that have cropped up over the last
decade (yet failed to catch on, for example:

If this sounds interesting, there's a great book on Opa here: Simple,
Secure, Scalable Web Development with


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jQuery Roundup: FitText, gmap3, Awesomemarkup

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Note: You can send your plugins and articles in for review through our [contact form](/contact.html) or [@dailyjs](http://twitter.com/dailyjs).


Somehow I missed this companion project to the popular
Lettering.js, but in case you also missed it... FitText (GitHub: davatron5000 /
) by Dave Rupert
and Paravel resizes text to fit the parent
element. It makes creating fluid magazine-like layouts possible, just by
using appropriate CSS and

There's also an interesting comment in the readme about

If you oppose window.resize(), it's worth mentioning that @chriscoyier created a fork of FitText using a debounced resize method.

The original post about debouncing is here: Debouncing Javascript


gmap3 (GitHub: jbdemonte / gmap3) by Jean-Baptiste Demonte
makes working with Google Maps a lot simpler, leveraging jQuery's
succinctness rather nicely:


It also takes parameters in the form of an array of objects. Each object
has an action:

  { action: 'init',
    options: {
      center: [46.578498, 2.457275],
      zoom: 5
  { action: 'addMarker',
    latLng: [48.8620722, 2.352047]
  { action: 'addMarker',
    latLng: [48.8620722, 2.352047]


Awesomemarkup (GitHub: clint-tseng / awesomemarkup, License:
WTFPL) by Clint Tseng is a framework-agnostic library for generating markup. When used with jQuery, it'll add \$.tag:

// Instead of doing this:
var markup = '' + '' + article.title + '' +

// Awesomemarkup makes this possible:
var markup = $.tag({
  _: 'div',
  class: [ 'content', article.contentType ],
  style: {
    display: { i: article.visible, t: 'block', e: 'none' }
  contents: {
    _: 'h2',
    contents: article.title

Clint has also added CommonJS support, which means Awesomemarkup can be
used in Node too.


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jQuery Roundup: 1.5.2, Kern.js, Zoomooz, Amplify

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jQuery 1.5.2 RC 1

jQuery 1.5.2 RC 1 has
been released, and the final version of 1.5.2 should be out on March


Kern.js (GitHub: bstrom87 / kern.js, WTFPL) by Brendan
Stromberger helps generate styles for more refined kerning using

Lettering.js has recently added a gallery of sites that use their
styles; it's worth checking out, too.


Zoomooz (GitHub: jaukia / zoomooz) by Janne Aukia makes
elements on a page "zoomable" -- the page apparently zooms into a
smaller slice of content. The example on the project's homepage consists
of small tiles which zoom in when clicked.


Amplify (GitHub: appendto / amplify, MIT/GPL) provides a
unified API for data sources. A set of components are provided for
managing data-related tasks: the store component manages client-side
data, a request component provides enhancements to jQuery's Ajax
library, and there's also a pub/sub system. It's like a Swiss Army knife
for data.

The author has already written up full documentation for