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Node Roundup: Who's Hiring, Melkor, Isosurface

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npm: Who's Hiring?

I noticed npm's blog had a post about who's hiring in the Node community. There's a new Who's Hiring page on npmjs.org, that lists Voxer, The Financial Times, Branding Brand, and Dash.


More people are getting interested in Koa.js now, so it's good to start collecting example applications that use it. Ramesh Nair sent in Melkor (License: MIT), a wiki that uses Waigo which is built on Koa.js, and Git as the storage system.

You can see generators used right away in index.js:

exports.init = function*(folder, options) {  
  debug('Folder: ' + folder);

  yield* waigo.init({
    appFolder: path.join(__dirname, 'src')

  var App = waigo.load('application');

  yield* App.start({
    postConfig: function(config) {

      config.middleware.push({ id: 'methodOverride' });

      debug('Port: ' + config.port);
      config.port = options.port;
      config.baseURL = 'http://localhost:' + config.port;

      config.staticResources.folder = '../public/build';

      config.wikiTitle = options.title;
      config.wikiFolder = folder;

  return App;

The controllers also make heavy use of yield, so things like form validation and template rendering have a synchronous feel.



Isosurface (GitHub: mikolalysenko / isosurface, License: MIT, npm: isosurface) by Mikola Lysenko is a set of isosurface polygonizer algorithms.

Here's an example:

var isosurface = require('isosurface');

var mesh = isosurface.surfaceNets([64,64,64], function(x,y,z) {  
  return x*x + y*y + z*z - 100;
}, [[-11,-11,-11], [11,11,11]]);

I found this module (and the impressive demo) while looking through Mikola's graphics related modules on npmjs.org/~mikolalysenko.