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FireRainbow is an add-on for Firefox and Firebug that adds themable syntax highlighting. It uses the
JavaScript library CodeMirror
to perform the highlighting, and has CSS themes. You can get the themes
firerainbow/themes on GitHub and paste them into the Colors tab within Firebug.

The performance is good, and it makes Firebug that little bit more
usable and customised.

Another useful Firebug plugin is
Eventbug. I also wrote a post about Eventbug.


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Google Opens Closure

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Today, Google introduced a suite of JavaScript tools they are calling
Closure. As Google explains, Closure is derived from tools started as 20%
projects and which have gone on to be used in many of their popular
applications: Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Maps to name a few. Closure
itself is currently composed of three main tools:

  • Closure Compiler - for compiling and optimizing your JavaScript
  • Closure Library - Google's library of UI widgets, controls, DOM manipulators, network communicators, and unit testing helpers
  • Closure Templates - a client and server-side content templating system

It's nice that they have decided to open these tools up. I like the idea
of compiling my JavaScript into an even smaller deliverable for my
users. I know it's not readable, but neither is minified JavaScript if
you think about it and Google is providing a Firebug extension called
Inspector (inappropriately named) which will let me see code compiled with Closure. I think I can live with that. I do, however, think they've made
a bad choice in terms of naming the tool - particularly because I
thought this would be a tool for functional programming.


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Eventbug is a Firebug extension for displaying events. To try it out, you need
Firefox 3.7 (currently alpha), Firebug and Eventbug:

It definitely feels like a useful addition to Firebug's tools, so it
will be great if the required APIs are available in Firefox 3.6 so more
people can use it sooner.

Here's a video preview: