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Node Roundup: BinaryJS, Advice, Buildify, MaDGe

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BinaryJS (GitHub: binaryjs / binaryjs, License: MIT, npm: binaryjs) by Eric Zhang uses WebSocket to stream binary data. The streams can be bidirectional, and is binary end-to-end. This basically gives browsers something closer to TCP sockets, and allows multimedia data to be streamed.

The client-side portion works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10, and Safari's nightly builds. The authors are working on supporting older browsers (presumably through Flash).

BinaryJS employs BinaryPack a modified version of the MessagePack protocol. The Node.js server uses a modified version of the ws library enhanced to pass through the status of the socket buffer so adherence to Node.js Stream API is possible.

Advice Functional Mixin

Advice (License: MIT, npm: advice) by Martin Angers is inspired by Angus Croll's functional mixin example. It can be used to modify an object with after, before, and around methods:

var myObj = { fn: function() {} }  
  , withAdvice = require('advice');

myObj.before(fn, function() {  
  // Things that should happen before fn

// the 'before' method will now run automatically

The author has kindly included thorough Mocha tests as well.


Buildify (License: MIT, npm: buildify) by Charles Davison is a build script API:

var buildify = require('buildify');

  .concat(['part1.js', 'part2.js'])
  .wrap('../lib/template.js', { version: '1.0' })


MaDGe (License: MIT, npm: madge) by Patrik Henningsson generates graphs based on CommonJS or AMD dependencies. It can generate various output including text-based lists in the console, and PNGs using Graphviz. There are lots of commnad-line options, which can be loaded from a JSON file.

This example shows the result of using MaDGe with Express:



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tQuery Web Audio, JavaScript Motion Tracking, Reified, Thing.js

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tQuery Web Audio

Jerome Etienne has added support for the Web Audio API to the development branch of his tQuery project. tQuery.WebAudio shows off the API, and he's also written a tutorial with a screencast: tQuery WebAudio for More Realistic 3D.

JavaScript Motion Tracking

Romuald Quantin sent in an article on JavaScript Motion Tracking which has a demo and some explanation behind the Canvas-based effect.


Reified (License: MIT, npm: reified) by Brandon Benvie is a binary library for Node and browsers. Each supported binary type is implemented using buffers:

var reified = require('reified')  
  , int32 = new reified('Uint32', 10000000)
  , int16 = new reified('Uint16', int32)
  , int8 = new reified('Uint8', int16);

// Uint8 100

// Exception: TypeError: Invalid value for Uint8: undefined

There are also constructors for arrays, structs, and bitfields:

var DescriptorFlags = reified('DescriptorFlags', {  
  READONLY     : 3,
  WRITABLE     : 4,
  FROZEN       : 5,
  HIDDEN       : 6,
}, 1);

var desc = new DescriptorFlags;  
desc.HIDDEN = true;

// { ‹DescriptorFlags›
//   ENUMERABLE:   false,
//   CONFIGURABLE: true,
//   READONLY:     true,
//   WRITABLE:     true,
//   FROZEN:       true,
//   HIDDEN:       true,
//   NOTPRIVATE:   true }


Thing.js (GitHub: matthewp / thingjs, License: MPL 2.0, npm: thingjs) by Matthew Phillips is a small library that wraps around the ES5 Object.create method to provide mixins and object initialisation:

var Thing = require('thingjs')  
  , A = { name_a: 'a' }
  , B = { name_b: 'b' }
  , C;

C = Thing.create([A, B], {  
  init: function() {

// Returns an instance of C
Thing.create(C, true);