We're Number 1!

2010-12-10 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

JavaScript Hits #1 On GitHub

JavaScript is now the most popular language on GitHub. It only seems natural
considering the popularity of web applications -- have you worked on a
web application that doesn't use JavaScript somewhere? But it's not just
projects like jQuery at the top, key server-side projects are in the
most watched overall category, like Express.


BitmapData.js (GitHub: BitmapData.js) by Peter
Nitsch is a Canvas implementation of the AS3 BitmapData class. I haven't
used much AS3 myself, but the examples look pretty good:

This is another useful library for ActionScript developers who are
moving into Canvas-based development.

WebKit Clock

WebKit Clock by Ono Takehiko uses no images (apart from the social network sharing buttons) to generate an
amazing world clock. There are delicious animations for switching
between cities, and an Apple Dashboard-style clock. It uses a lot of
box-shadow, border-radius, and a Canvas for
the map.

I was particularly impressed with the map animation. If you're looking
for more inspiration, the author has dozens of other interesting
projects on onotakehiko.com.