Upscaling WebGL, WebGL Text Editor, minimal

2011-07-29 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Upscaling WebGL

In Dirty Full-Frame WebGL Performance

by Toji, the author discusses a technique for upscaling a lower
resolution WebGL canvas. Basically, CSS3 is used to scale the content.
The post has some interesting comments discussing this approach compared
to changing the viewport size.

Open Source Programmer's Text Editor using Canvas and WebGL

Open Source Programmer's Text Editor using Canvas and WebGL
is a Kickstarter project started by Robey Holderith to create a
browser-based open source text editor. Robey argues that using native
browser features like tabs, and JavaScript for the macro language, would
make a great portable text editor.

He cites netbooks as a target platform and mentions that this project is
intended to be a programmer's text editor rather than an IDE.

Backers have currently offered \$1,488 of the \$4,096 target. I intend
to support this project purely because the pledge prices and target are
powers of two.


minimal by timmywil is a client-side library that focuses on performance and saving bytes rather
than ease of use. It supports older browsers, so it actually includes a
limited-but-fast selector engine.

Like jQuery, it has a core library with the all important
minimal.each function, but it also has other must-have
features like:

If you like the Framework series that I run on DailyJS it's worth
checking out minimal, I've enjoyed rifling through the source.