WebGL Examples, Backbone Forms, Third-Party JavaScript

2011-09-23 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

WebGL Examples

I found this collection of WebGL
ibiblio.org that includes a few things I haven't seen before, particularly Cycleblob
which is an interesting take on the Tron light cycles concept.

Backbone Forms

Backbone Forms by Charles Davison is a form framework for
Backbone.js with some advanced features like nested forms, and it even comes with CSS for
styling fields.

This library makes it possible to automatically generate forms based on
model instances:

var form = new Backbone.Form({
  model: users.get(userId)

If a model isn't available, a Backbone.Form can be
instantiated using data and schema properties:

new Backbone.Form({
  data: { id: 123, name: 'Rod Kimble', password: 'cool beans' },
  schema: {
    id:       { type: 'Number' },
    name:     {},
    password: { type: 'Password' }

The source is documented and the README has enough examples to get

Third-Party JavaScript

Third-Party JavaScript by Ben Vinegar and Anton Kovalyov (both from Disqus) is a book about the art of third-party
scripting -- writing JavaScript intended to be executed on a remote
site. It's aimed at intermediate developers, and covers distributing and
loading applications, server communication, cross-domain iframe
messaging, rendering HTML and CSS, authentication, security, and
performance. Considering the authors work at Disqus it seems like a
potentially essential book on the subject.

The book will be published by Manning, and an "early access" edition can
be purchased from \$35.99. Three chapters are available so far, and the
example source code is on GitHub at benvinegar /
. The
first chapter is available for free: Introduction to Third-Party

To pre-order the book, visit Third-Party JavaScript at Manning's