WebGL Audio, CSS 3D Earth, .Net Classes

2012-05-14 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

WebGL Audio

WebGL Audio with tquery

WebGL experimenter Jerome Etienne has written a short tutorial entitled Sound Visualisation: A Vuemeter in WebGL that demonstrates an impressive, yet simple, WebGL VU meter using the Web Audio API.

To make this work, he's used his webaudio.js library:

var webaudio = new WebAudio()
  , sound = webaudio.createSound();

sound.load('sound.wav', function(sound) {

This library can be used alongside tquery.

CSS 3D Earth

CSS 3D Earth

CSS 3D Earth by Edan Kwan uses a JavaScript library called PerspectiveTransform to display an interactive model of the Earth using shading and layers.

The original class is by Israel Pastrana, and the experiment is presented with a nice little dat.GUI interface.

.Net JavaScript Classes

Julius Friedman sent in a project he created called Easy JavaScript Generic List Implementation. Since then he's expanded the scope and uploaded it to CodePlex: .Net JavaScript Implementations.

The list implementation has an API that looks a lot like LINQ:

function Car(make, model) {
  this.make = make;
  this.model = model;

var myList = new List();
myList.Add(new Car('Honda', 'Civic'));
myList.Add(new Car('Nissan', 'Sentra'));

var selList = myList.Where('make == 'Honda'').OrderByDescending('model').Distinct();

He's also working on a Reflection class as well as a pseudo type system.