Vue.js, beautify-with-words

2014-02-03 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young



Vue.js (GitHub: yyx990803 / vue, License: MIT) by Evan You is a MVVM library. It's based around instances of the Vue constructor, essentially view model objects, that provide bindings between DOM objects and data models.

It has an event-based API with key/value observing, HTML directives (like AngularJS), and text filters. There's a TodoMVC example that showcases some of the features. Most of the code is passed in as options to the Vue constructor, so it feels a little bit like Backbone.js views in that respect.

Vue.js is an interesting combination of features from Backbone.js, KnockoutJS, and AngularJS. Evan seems confident about its performance and features, but I think it'll be hard to convince people to seriously try it out given how popular Backbone and AngularJS have become.


beautify-with-words (GitHub: zertosh / beautify-with-words, License: MIT, npm: beautify-with-words) by Andres Suarez is a module based on UglifyJS that replaces variable names with words.

You can pass -b to beautify the output, which essentially means you can turn minified, obfuscated code into something not quite readable, but much easier to search and grep for patterns.