pdf.js, VisualSearch.js, Voice Debugger

2011-07-01 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

pdf.js: Rendering PDF with HTML5 and JavaScript

In pdf.js: Rendering PDF with HTML5 and
Andreas Gal
discusses a project to determine if HTML5 is complete enough to render
PDFs. The GitHub pdf.js project
contains progress so far, and it looks like Andreas is updating it

There's also another related post, Overview of pdf.js
which explains how it works:

pdf.js (currently) parses raw arrays of bytes into streams of PDF "bytecode", compiles the bytecode into JavaScript programs, then executes the programs. Yes, it's a sort of PDF JIT. The side effect of those programs is to draw on an HTML5 Canvas.

It sounds like a fascinating project, particularly the PDF stream


VisualSearch.js (GitHub: documentcloud / visualsearch,
License) from DocumentCloud is a novel take on search design. It allows
field-level options to be specified using dynamic inline completion,
using simple icons and drop-down menus.

Voice Debugger

Voice Debugger (GitHub: ferrante / Voice-Debugger) by Damian
Wielgosik is a little HTML5 experiment to catch JavaScript errors and
read them out. A set of standard errors are saved as WAV files, and then
played with an audio tag.

I've been doing some pretty heavy HTML audio work lately, so I found
this extremely amusing...