JavaScript Starfield, jslint.vim, Chalk

2010-11-05 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

JavaScript Starfield

When I was a teenager I spent hours writing starfields on my Amiga. It's
quite a rewarding effect given the amount of effort required. If you
want to do the same thing with Canvas, Charles Leifer has written a
tutorial in More fun with Canvas - a JavaScript


jslint.vim is a handy Vim plugin for running JSLint. It automatically highlights errors,
and can display extra information in the command line when the cursor is
over the error.

37signals' Chalk Dissected

In 37signals' Chalk

by Sami Samhuri, the author looks at the techniques used to create
37signals' Chalk, a simple drawing web app
designed for iPad.

I dove into the JavaScript a little and explained most of it. Sam Stephenson tweeted that Chalk is written in CoffeeScript and compiled on the fly when served using Brochure

Interesting that he uses CoffeeScript, given that he's the Prototype