Velocity UI Pack

2014-05-29 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Julian Shapiro has announced the Velocity UI Pack. There's a screencast that introduces the effects and how to use them.

This is an additional dependency for the Velocity.js library, which is a performance-focused jQuery plugin that improves on $.animate(). With the Velocity UI Pack you can perform animations on sets of elements, which is ideal for drawing attention to content as it's loaded using Ajax.

It supports a stagger option which adds a delay after each animation. Given a set of elements, you can apply an animation in sequence simply by using $divs.velocity('callout.shake', { stagger: 75 }). If you're loading an array of records using Ajax, then you can render the resulting elements and display them with .velocity('anim', { stagger: time }).

One thing that I like about this library is the animations don't result in blurry text. Julian has gone to a lot of trouble to make it easy to use and fast, so it's worth checking out the demo and the screencast.