ThreeNodes.js, WebGL GPU Landscaping and Erosion, DHTMLX Touch

2011-11-18 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young


ThreeNodes.js is an attempt to create a vvvv clone. It provides a library of
modular nodes that can be used to generate animated graphics. There's a
ThreeNodes.js demo where you can try it out.

It's actually distributed as a Node app built using
socket.io, connect, and watch. The UI currently takes a little bit of getting used to, but it worked well enough for me to make a few
little experiments without reading any documentation.

WebGL GPU Landscaping and Erosion

In WebGL GPU Landscaping and
Florian Boesch discusses a project he created that was inspired by From
to create a real-time
landscaping and erosion simulation using WebGL.

The post discusses some of the algorithms used to create the erosion
effects, and there's an awesome demo called
Craftscape (GitHub: pyalot / craftscape) which has been
featured as a Chrome


There's now a formidable array of mobile web frameworks for those
looking to create mobile web experiences that look close to native apps.
One I haven't mentioned before on DailyJS is DHTMLX
(License: GPL), which has just
seen its 1.0 release. It features lots of UI widgets, and a suite of
developer tools including a skin
and IDE integration.

There are a few demos available at DHTMLX Touch - Live
and the DHTMLX Touch 1.0
blog post details the
major features of the library.