ngTestHarness, call-n-times, modern.IE Automation

2015-01-13 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young


David Posin sent in ngTestHarness, a test harness for Angular scopes, controllers, and providers. It helps to reduce the amount of boilerplate needed for dependency injection during testing.

By default it loads the ng, ngMock, and ngSanitize modules. By using the ngHarness API, tests can be as simple as:

describe('Test the note-editor directive', function() {
  var harness = new ngHarness(['noteEditor']);

  it('Adds the container div', function() {
    expect(harness.compileElement('<my-note></my-note>').html()).toBe('<div class="editor-container"></div>');

The ngHarness object manages the required dependency injections for each test context. The API documentation covers the ngTestHarness class and each method that it implements.

David notes that the project was the result of work at Team Titan at Gaikai, owned by Sony Entertainment.


call-n-times by Shahar Or (GitHub: mightyiam/call-n-times, License: MIT, npm: call-n-times) came about when the author was trying to make test code cleaner. Given a function, this module will synchronously run it the specified number of times:

var assert = require('assert');
var call = require('call-n-times');

function logAndReturn() {
  return 'foo';

var returns = call(logAndReturn, 3);
assert.equal(returns.length, 3);
assert.equal(returns[0], 'foo');

Shahar wondered if there's a built-in JavaScript way to do this, something closer to how it would work if you used an array and forEach. Does anyone know?

modern.IE, VirtualBox, Selenium

I expect many readers use modern.IE for testing. Wouldn't it be nice if you could quickly create new instances so you can trash old ones, or use them as part of a test suite? Denis Suckau sent in a script called mkvm.sh (License: MIT) for automatically creating VirtualBox virtual machines with Modern IE Windows images. It's a shell script that supports various configuration options, like the Selenium and Java environmental variables, VM memory usage, and so on.

The readme has details on how to configure it, and the background behind the project:

As the modern.ie-Machines refuses to run more than 30-90 Days (at least for more than an hour) we remove the machines on a regular basis and recreate the original Appliance with all changes needed to run Selenium.

Use it with your favored test runner (maybe Karma or Nightwatch.js) to automate JavaScript tests in real browsers on your own Selenium Grid. Other WebDriver language bindings (Python, Java) should work as well.

If you wanted to install IE 6, then you could run mkvm.sh VMs/IE6\ -\ WinXP.ova. It also supports deleting a VM, so you can delete and recreate IE 6 with mkvm.sh VMs/IE6\ -\ WinXP.ova --delete "IE6 - WinXP".