TeleHash, Spark, brequire

2011-02-25 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young


TeleHash is a new wire protocol for real time, distributed communication
with JSON and UDP. Running this from a shell prompt:

echo '{"+end":"3b6a6..."}' | nc -u telehash.org 42424

will return a response using TeleHash. There's a TeleHash
, and possibly more
interesting to our readers is the TeleHash Node

The combination of JSON and UDP is very interesting and should enable
JavaScript developers to make amazingly efficient low-level network


Spark (GitHub: Wolfy87 / Spark, MIT License) by Oliver
Caldwell is a client-side framework that provides DOM querying, HTML/CSS
manipulation methods, Ajax, JSON encoding/decoding, animations, and
possibly almost everything else jQuery does. The syntax will be familiar
to jQuery users:

Spark('p').css({ color: '#ff0000'})
          .animate({ opacity: 0.5 }, 2000);

Some of the internals remind me of jQuery a little bit, but it's much
simpler. If you've been following our framework series and find this
type of project interesting, you'll probably enjoying looking through
the source.

Client/Server Code Sharing with brequire

Sharing JavaScript between client and server
by Jonah Fox is a tutorial about his
brequire library. It shows how code can be shared between Node and browsers.

The tutorial demonstrates what happens to your code after it's run
through the brequire command-line tool. This includes an example of
making Node automatically filter files through brequire's API.