Notes on Teaching JavaScript

2010-03-03 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Notes on Teaching JavaScript
by Ian McCracken is a thoughtful post about the author's experiences
teaching JavaScript to a web designer. It made me realise how useful our
Let's Make a Framework series of posts could be.

McCracken says:

Nothing, however, teaches you JavaScript quite so well as rolling your own cross-browser Ajax utilities, and so I studied the source code of Prototype and script.aculo.us and MochiKit, and now I'm a far better programmer than someone starting out today might be forced to become.

I've found the same thing in the past. If you've ever worked on a
project where you can't use a popular framework, you suddenly have to
learn a lot very quickly. Browser differences are a headache, which is
why I'm glad these frameworks exist. What really shapes these libraries
is JavaScript itself.

Creating a simple library turned out to be a fantastic learning exercise: it requires investigation of namespaces, presents plenty of scoping problems to overcome, and requires attention to consistency, organization and sane API design.

Have you ever written a guide to basic or fundamental JavaScript