t3, Blast.js

2014-08-04 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


t3 (GitHub: maurizzzio / t3, License: MIT, Bower: t3) by Mauricio Poppe is a boilerplate for creating three.js projects. It's inspired by Jerome Etienne's three.js boilerplate, and supports:

If you're looking for a framework to get started making a WebGL game or demo, then this might be a good way to quickly make something fun.



Blast.js (GitHub: julianshapiro / blast, License: MIT) by Julian Shapiro is a typographic manipulation library. It "blasts apart" text using delimiters, which can include character, word, sentence, and element. You could use it to animate text, or style it in some way

The documentation has visualisation for each delimiter, so you can easily see what each does. I can see it being useful in situations where you want to create carefully positioned magazine-like layouts, or reflow effects for responsive designs.