Realistic Skin, Swarming Example, Paladin

2011-09-09 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

WebGL Materials: Skin

This three.js skin

by AlteredQualia
(@alteredq) uses a skin shader based
on a GDC 2007 presentation from

and GPU Gems 3 Chapter 14. Advanced Techniques for Realistic Real-Time
It seems to perform very well (I tested it on a fairly lightweight
laptop and my desktop).

Mr.doob also tweeted about this three.js facial rigging demo.
It's interesting to see techniques from games development cropping up in
work by three.js developers!

Swarming Example

This jsFiddle swarming demo is interesting because it shows everything used to create the WebGL demo,
complete with a panel containing the 3D Canvas results. I did some
digging to find the author and found him on Reddit, here: Swarms

It was meant as an attempt to learn 3d projection, and I just threw in the swarming for fun, and then some lasers, and then some explosions.

He says he adapted 2D swarming code and searched around online for the
appropriate specs to get the drawing code working.


Paladin (GitHub: alankligman / paladin,
License) by Alan Kligman and Mozilla is Mozilla's movement to provide open
source gaming technology for the web

Paladin sits at the intersection of 3D gaming, JavaScript framework and library development, and the browser. We're tied into the bits of the web that are up-and-coming, and are working to weaponize them for gaming. Where the web is missing critical gaming support, we aim to fill those gaps by adding new browser APIs, enhancing existing ones, and building technologies on top of the web..

This includes libraries for 3D graphics, sound, and user input APIs for
joysticks and mice. Actually, they'd probably be better off referencing
"gamepads" seeing as the 360 pad seems to popular amongst modern PC gamers. Even though the project is at an early stage there's already a
lot of code, complete with qunit tests.

There's also a project called
RescueFox which is a demo game that they hope will inspire other developers to build things with
Paladin. And, before I forget, it seems like "Paladin" is only the
work-in-progress name, so keep an eye on the Mozilla Paladin
to keep track of future