Angular Smart Table, TurtleScript

2013-06-03 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Smart Table

Smart Table

Smart Table (GitHub: lorenzofox3 / Smart-Table, License: MIT) by Laurent Renard helps quickly render data as tables in AngularJS projects. It provides the smart-table directive which will render a rowCollection -- an array that contains objects for each row. It also supports layouts by specifying the columns with columnCollection, data formatting, and sorting.

Smart Table has some more advanced features as well, like styling and inline editing. Laurent has included API documentation and unit tests.


TurtleScript (GitHub: cscott / TurtleScript, License: GPLv2) by C. Scott Ananian from One Laptop per Child aims to provide a Logo-like environment for teaching programming. TurtleScript itself is based on JavaScript, and uses a bytecode compiler/interpreter.

The TurtleScript documentation has a lot more background that explains what it does and how it works. Meanwhile, Scott has been working on rusty-turtle (GitHub: cscott / rusty-turtle, License: GPLv2). This is a TurtleScript implementation written in Rust. If you're interested in the Rust language and want to see what a JavaScript parser in Rust might look like, check it out!

Rusty-turtle is a "native" bytecode interpreter, so it runs the TurtleScript parser and compiler in order to generate bytecode for it to run.