reMarked.js, Scroll.js, Andro.js, IndexedDB Examples

2012-03-02 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young


reMarked.js (GitHub: leeoniya / reMarked.js, License: MIT) by Leon Sorokin converts a client-side DOM fragment into Markdown. The reMarked.js homepage has several links to GitHub READMEs on the left-hand side, and pressing the 'reMark it!' button will convert their HTML into Markdown.

The author's ultimate goal is to use this in a WYSIWYG editor. It seems like a difficult project, so it features tests as well.


Scroll.js (License: MIT) by David Babaioff is a cross-browser library for managing the scroll event:

Scroll.bind('scroll_1', function() {
    // Your event handler code goes here.
    'scroll_2': function() {
        // Your event handler code goes here.
    'scroll_3': function() {
        // Your event handler code goes here.

It doesn't have any dependencies, so it may be useful in cases where you don't want to use a larger library like jQuery.


Andro.js (GitHub: maryrosecook / androjs, License: MIT) by Mary Rose Cook combines the idea of reusable behaviour with events:

Behaviour mixins are good for writing video games. They help with the concoction of game object logic: no more nightmarish inheritance hierarchies or weird bundles of functions that invent cryptic interfaces for the objects upon which they operate.

The author's example is a cube that gets augmented with behaviours to provide logic based around events:

var Andro = require('andro').Andro
  , andro = new Andro()
  , soundBehaviour
  , cube;

function Cube() {
  this.touch = function(contact) {
    andro.eventer(this).emit('touch', contact);

soundBehaviour = {
  setup: function(owner, eventer) {
    eventer.bind(this, 'touch', function() {
      console.log('SFX: Leo_the_Lion.wav');

cube = new Cube();
andro.augment(cube, firstTouchBehaviour);

Here I've paraphrased the original example at androjs.maryrosecook.com/ just to give an idea of the syntax. I agree with the author that this library provides some useful tools for representing game logic, and the documentation also provides examples of situations where this might not work so well.

IndexedDB Examples

These IndexedDB examples by Parashuram Narasimhan show what works in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8+. The standards are still changing, but Parashuram has been working hard to track the current state of API changes in both his blog and the jquery-indexeddb plugin.

For more on IndexedDB, see the usual suspects: W3C: Indexed Database API, MDN: IndexedDB.