react-markdown-editor, react-tagsinput

2015-04-24 17:33:40 +0100 by Alex R. Young


react-markdown-editor (GitHub: jrm2k6/react-markdown-editor, License: MIT, npm: react-markdown-editor) by Jeremy Dagorn is a React/Reflux Markdown editor. It's designed to work with Bootstrap and Font Awesome, and there's a demo that has buttons for bold, italic, headers, and sub-headers.

The MarkdownEditor component expects one prop, initialContent, and you can listen for changes on MarkdownEditorContentStore. Markdown processing is handled by markdown-js.



I needed to implement tags in a React project, and I found (and liked) react-tagsinput (GitHub: olahol/react-tagsinput, License: MIT, npm: react-tagsinput) by Ola Holmström.

Given an array of strings, it's very easy to drop into a project, but you can also use it with components instead of strings. The props are exactly the ones I needed for my project (onTagAdd and onTagRemove). I heavily modified the CSS, but the example CSS looks great.

It comes with tests written using Mocha, and it's easy to install from npm or Bower.