quotefm-node, Pin, Boots

2012-04-30 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


quotefm-node (License: MIT, npm: quotefm) by Enno Boland is a module for working with the QUOTE.fm API. It can be used to get recommendations, articles, and user information back from the service.

The module includes some good documentation, and the QUOTE.fm API documentation is also easy to follow as well.


Pin (License: MIT, npm: pin) by Veselin Todorov is a small module for uptime monitoring:

  .interval(10000) // in ms
  .up(function(response) {
  .down(function(error, response) {
    console.log(error, response);

The chainable API also allows HTTP headers to be set.


Boots (GitHub: jgallen23 / boots, npm: boots) by Greg Allen is a command-line utility for building custom Bootstrap asset files.

If .less files are passed to it then a CSS file will be generated:

boots --js bootstrap-modal.js,bootstrap-tooltip.js --css modals.less,tooltip.less -o public/bootstrap