CSS3 Transitions, jStorage, Aves, Simple Puzzle Game

2010-05-07 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

It's Friday again, and you know what that means! Slacking off all
afternoon to build JavaScript games! Right?

CSS3 Transitions in Firefox 3.7

CSS3 Transitions in Firefox 3.7
demonstrates some new CSS3 effects available in Firefox 3.7, complete
with an elaborate
. The effects
should work in recent WebKit browsers as well.

These effects could be used inside JavaScript game logic to simplify
animation code.


jStorage is a wrapper for major frameworks that makes accessing modern local storage mechanisms easier:

jStorage was first developed under the name of DOMCached but since a lot of features were dropped to make it simpler (like the support for namespaces and such) it was renamed. DOMCached had separate files for working with Prototype and jQuery but jStorage can handle both in one go.

Usage looks like this:

var value = $.jStorage.get('key');
if (!value) {
    // if not - load the data from the server
    value = load_data_from_server()
    // and save it
    $.jStorage.set('key', value);


Aves, a new JavaScript game engine complete with a server-side component, is under
development. The authors are targeting multiplayer games. The YouTube
video demonstrates the power of the engine. The video mentions many
concepts JavaScript developers should be familiar with, in particular
how player actions are tied to events.

Simple Puzzle Game

Simple puzzle game
(demo) is an attempt at making a simple puzzle game with JavaScript and jQuery. The author constructs a
mouse-based game in
mojito-jq2.js, with a scrolling background and a typical game life cycle.