Processing.js 1.0, Higher Order JavaScript

2010-11-19 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Processing.js 1.0

Processing.js 1.0 has been released. Processing.js is a port of
Processing, which is a programming language and environment for creating images, animations, interactive
experiences, or just about anything that screams weird/cool art

Version 1.0 adds optimisations, bug fixes, and better
. I've mentioned it a
few times on this blog, but if you haven't tried it out before I
strongly recommend taking some time to try the demos and build some
basic sketches. Who knows, maybe you'll build the next
in pure

Higher Order Javascript

Higher Order Javascript
by Piers Cawley is a discussion about the application of higher
to JavaScript. The bulk of his examples of CoffeeScript, and they touch
on many areas I've tried to cover in our DailyJS tutorials over the last

Remember, higher order programming arises from applying the following principles: [...] Functions can take functions as arguments, [...] Functions can return new functions

It's a very detailed tutorial, drawing on many influences. Definitely
worth a readitlater/instapaper for the weekend!

This Just In: Awesome Node Libraries

I'll cover these libraries next week in the Node roundup, but if you've
got free time this weekend you might like to check out
node.io and should.js.