pde-engine, colormap, Dimsum

2013-01-25 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

pde-engine and colormap

Wave example running on benpostlethwaite.ca

Ben Postlethwaite sent in two libraries this week. The first, pde-engine (GitHub: bpostlethwaite / pde-engine, License: MIT, npm: pde-engine), can be used to create "nice looking physically realistic effects in websites or games".

Ben's site, benpostlethwaite.ca has live examples for the "wave" and "heat" equations, and the project takes advantage of Typed Arrays to improve performance. Ben suggests using browserify to generate a browser-friendly version of code using pde-engine.

The colours in Ben's examples come from his second project, colormap (GitHub: bpostlethwaite / colormap, License: MIT, npm: colormap). This project generates color values based on Matlab's plot colours, and apparently works well with D3.js.

Both projects come with example code and documentation in the readme files.


I don't mind a bit of dim sum now and again, particularly those steamed buns with custard fillings. My computer can't yet 3D print Chinese dumplings though, so instead I recommend Dimsum (GitHub: ninjascribble / dimsum, License: MIT, npm: dimsum) by Scott Grogan. It generates lorem ipsum text, and can be used with Node or browsers.

Dimsum includes two flavours: latin and jabberwocky. New flavours can also be added, so you could dump in some generic marketing text to get a more accurate mockup going.

Scott has thoughtfully included Mocha tests as well.