PaintbrushJS, Canvas Wrapper, Rangy

2010-08-27 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


PaintbrushJS by Dave Shea, released under the MIT License, is a browser-based image processing
library. It creates a canvas that contains the image and applies various
image filtering algorithms. There's a page of
demos that illustrate the effects.

The effects work by getting pixels with getImageData then
looping through them and applying the selected filter.


CanvasContext2DWrapper by Miller Medeiros, released under the prestigious
WTFPL license, wraps canvas context 2D properties to allow method chaining:



I hate dealing with range selection. I can't remember if it's due to IE,
or if every browser does it differently, but I have a piece of
JavaScript I've been using to do this for years and I barely remember
how it works. Rangy by Tim Down (MIT
License) is a library that addresses this lapse in my pragmatism. It's
currently pre-alpha, but already has some useful functionality:

var range = rangy.createRange();

// All DOM Range methods and properties supported

// All HTML5 Selection methods and properties supported
var sel = rangy.getSelection();