OOP: The Good Parts, JSMag

2011-01-07 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

OOP: The Good Parts

I just finished reading OOP The Good Parts: Message Passing, Duck
Typing, Object Composition, and not
by Nick Fitzgerald.
Obvious references to Douglas Crockford's
The Good

aside, the article builds on some interesting points by authors like
Raganwald that will resonate with many DailyJS readers:

What if code re-use has nothing to do with inheritance, but uses composition, delegation, even old-fashioned helper objects or any technique the programmer deems fit?

Fitzgerald defines a method called quacksLike that he uses
to formalize object capability detection and Object.combine
for object composition.

These ideas aren't new, but there's an interesting code example of a DOM
library that uses these methods. It'll be particularly interesting to
fans of Let's Make a Framework.


While we're on this topic,
functools (documentation) by E. Azer Ko├žulu is a library for functional programming. He's tested it with
Node, but he says:

Despite functools follows CommonJS specs, my actual aim is to improve the experience of DOM programming

It supports features like iterators, functional composition, currying,
and partial function application.

The author is also working on
Roka-Lisp, a lisp dialect written in JavaScript.


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