2010-08-13 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


nTPL by Fedor Indutny is a simple templating
system for Node. The author has concentrated on making it fast, and it
can be installed with npm.

Part of this library is written with C++, and it can reload templates
when the file is saved. It's not a template language like haml, so if
you're looking for a Node-friendly alternative to haml you could try

Tab Completion in Node

I checked out the latest version of Node yesterday, and I noticed tab
completion was mentioned. It looks like the readline support has been
improved by Trent Mick, and this was posted to the group: Node

I actually alias rlwrap js for various JavaScript REPLs
because I'm used to history and completion. If you've never tried it
before it's worth knowing about. I installed it with either dpkg, port,
or Homebrew, but you can get the source here: