Small and Reusable Browser Modules: npm-dom

2014-06-24 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

npm-dom (GitHub: npm-dom) by Azer Ko├žulu, Damon Oehlman, Max Ogden, Jake Verbaten, and Tim Oxley is a GitHub organisation that publishes DOM-related modules through npm.

So far there are small modules like new-element (https://github.com/npm-dom/new-element) and siblings (https://github.com/npm-dom/siblings), but also larger modules like domquery (https://github.com/npm-dom/domquery).

There are quite a few modules already. If you work with Browserify then you might like the way these modules can be consumed. As an example, take a look at class-list:

var elem = someElement;
var ClassList = require('class-list');
var cl = ClassList(elem);


Azer was inspired to create another organisation called npm-flickr, which is a set of Flickr-related libraries.