Nodepad Resurrection

2011-08-29 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

When I sign in to GitHub I keep noticing new watchers appear on the
Nodepad project (it's currently at 207 watchers). Although the Let's Make a Web
tutorials have already
noticably aged (particularly as Mongoose changed drastically in the
middle of the series), I thought I'd give the Nodepad followers
something to look at!

I updated the libraries by editing package.json:

Upgrading modules is a common task when maintaining production Node
apps. Keeping tight versions in package.json can feel like
a pain at times, but it's really important for keeping production and
staging environments sane and working with other people.


I've updated Backbone.js to
0.5.3. This version has API changes, but the only one that affected us
was a naming change from refresh to reset:

We've taken the opportunity to clarify some naming with the 0.5.0 release. Controller is now Router, and refresh is now reset. The previous saveLocation and setLocation functions have been replaced by navigate. Backbone.sync's method signature has changed to allow the passing of arbitrary options to jQuery.ajax. Be sure to opt-in to pushState support, if you want to use it.

While I was updating the client-side code I improved the 'empty state'
handling. Now when first logging in, Nodepad will behave much better.
There's no-longer a different add document view when creating the first
document, in fact it's now possible to just press 'Save' right away (an
empty document will be created, but it makes more sense than the old


The main Nodepad resurrection commit was

And I followed that up with the library updates. See the full history
here: Nodepad commit

Hopefully this will make Nodepad a little less confusing for people just
discovering the tutorials and app!