Node Conference, Italy

2011-10-03 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
A little over a week ago, Oleg attended the first Italian Node conference in Brescia. Here is his summary of the event.

Given that I had never attended a tech conference in Italy, I didn't know what to expect, so was very impressed with the experience. The venue was a picturesque conference and accommodation facility run by the church in the northern city of Brescia. The city itself was also amazing, given its proximity to the mountains, old architecture, wonderful cafes & food and almost a complete lack of tourists
. The event kicked off with a dinner the night before, which although a great opportunity to talk to the local developer community, was perhaps missed by some who still needed to polish their slides for the next day. The day itself was extremely well organized, ran smoothly and even included catering despite being a volunteer effort organized by the local web developer community and very reasonably priced at only ten euros.

A wide range of themes were covered. All of the talks were in English except for the keynote. I found the talks on Socket.IO by NKO winner Arnout, Cloud9 talk by Sergi and pubsub.io talk by Ian to be particularly interesting. I also tried to stir up a bit of trouble with a talk on node-fibers and my common-node project.

The crowd at the conference

The full list of recorded talks and slides is online. A number of workshops also took place alongside the talks. The time in between talks was an opportunity to make new acquaintances. Unfortunately due to the conference taking place on Saturday, there was no official program after the conference.

Overall, I found the event to be very very good and, given the opportunity, will be the first to visit the place again in a year -- or maybe even sooner!