Node Updates

2010-03-29 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Much like the regular jQuery Roundup, I thought a semi-regular
node.js news update would be useful. The changelog and nodejs google group are good places to keep
up to date.


TJ has updated kiwi to version
0.2.2. Kiwi is a package manager that's much like
RubyGems. A lot of kiwi's functionality is in a shell script, so you can do this without already having node:

kiwi install node

This is possible because the dependencies are minimal:


By the same author, Express is a web framework
inspired by Sinatra. We've featured it before on DailyJS, but recently
it's had a lot of work to update it to work with the more recent node
API changes.

As well as a tonne of bug
, Express now
has over 500 watchers on GitHub and four contributors.


Do is a library for managing asynchronous non-blocking operations in node. Usage is a bit like
promises, but it doesn't require an external library.

Do can convert an external library to make it use Do-style continuables:

var fs = Do.convert(require('fs'), ['readFile', 'writeFile']);
// Returns a copy of fs that has readFile and writeFile converted to Do-style continuables


If you're interested in super-accurate benchmarks, Elijah Insua has
written a node library for getting microseconds out of the unix
gettimeofday system call:

var microseconds = require('../lib/node-microseconds').microseconds;