Mastering Node, Pragmatic CSS3, Wink

2010-09-06 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

I was at the dConstruct conference on Friday. If you'd like to read
about it, take a look at my summary (lovingly crafted, complete with
photos): dConstruct 2010.

Mastering Node

You might remember TJ Holowaychuk from other JavaScript projects like
Express and Jade. He's back again with a book called Mastering Node.
It's a good start, but he isn't planning on writing much more:

Mastering node is an open source eBook by node hackers for node hackers. I started this as a side project and realized that I don't have time :) so go nuts, download it, build it, fork it, extend it and share it.

Despite the fact he says he doesn't have time to finish it, his last
update was 4 days ago and there's content on installing node, modules,
events, and other core subjects.

The content is all in Markdown, and he uses a simple Makefile with
command line tools to generate HTML, PDF, and e-reader formats. Which is
a pretty cool way to write a book -- I've always been a LaTeX man myself
but this seems like a much more straightforward way of generating all
those formats (I'm a Kindle fan so generating ePub/Mobi is important to

Why not check it out and contribute?

Pragmatic CSS3

Pragmatic CSS3 - Webit-Transform Matrix3d Tutorial is a tutorial that
demystifies CSS3 matrix transforms. It does a good job as well. Complete
source is available on GitHub, under 9elements /


Jérôme Giraud got in touch to talk about
Wink, a mobile JavaScript framework. The site has downloads, previews, demos, and even some tutorials.

Wink is targeting cutting-edge WebKit features, they're particularly
proud of their 3D
multitouch support.

I recently covered the basics of touchscreen device support in our
Let's Make A Framework series, and it sparked an interesting discussion about gesture support. Apple have
specifically targeted gestures as well as simple touch events, but there
was some confusion about the best way of supporting them. Hopefully Wink
is looking into this area.

I took a cursory look over the framework, and they appear to have
namespaced the framework like other modern JavaScirpt libraries.