Node 0.4

2011-02-10 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

The second stable branch of Node, 0.4, has been announced. The 0.4
has an overview
of the changes, and there's a GitHub Node wiki page about migrating
from 0.2 to

A lot of the changes are relatively low-level. However, libraries and
frameworks like Express may require
From what I've learned by watching the 0.3 changes on the nodejs Google
, it sounds like the 0.4
changes are positive -- a cleaner HTTP client API, better HTTPS support,
and a more efficient Buffer.

It's also interesting to see npm mentioned in the release announcement:

In particular, NPM was forced to resort to deep symlinks and "shim" modules to work around missing features in require().

These changes include require() awareness of
package.json, and the relative path
node_modules/ being searched for modules. This will make
it very easy to bundle modules with apps, potentially simplifying
deployment and distribution.

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