Minecraft Character WebGL, OpenSceneGraph, BroadStreet, Bootstrap

2012-08-24 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Minecraft Character in WebGL

Minecraft Items demo

In Minecraft Character in WebGL, Jerome Etienne demonstrates how to render and animate Minecraft characters using his tQuery library. This was inspired by the Minecraft Items Chrome Experiment.


Mickey point cloud

OpenSceneGraph (GitHub: cedricpinson / osgjs, License: LGPL) by Cedric Pinson is a WebGL framework based on OpenSceneGraph -- a 3D API typically used in C++ OpenGL applications. This means it's possible for developers experienced with OpenSceneGraph to bring their projects across to a familiar environment that runs in modern browsers thanks to WebGL.


BroadStreet (GitHub: DarrenHurst / BroadStreet, License: MIT) by Darren Hurst is a set of controls for Backbone.js. It includes a list selector, iOS-style toggles and alerts, SVG icons, and labels.

Each control inherits from Backbone.View.extend, so the API looks like a standard Backbone object:

var toggle = new Toggle('controls', this).render();
toggle.setTitle('Example title');

The author recommends testing the project with a web server to avoid security restrictions caused when running the examples locally.

Bootstrap 2.1.0

Bootstrap 2.1.0 is out:

New docs, affix plugin, submenus on dropdowns, block buttons, image styles, fluid grid offsets, new navbar, increased font-size and line-height, 120+ closed bugs, and more. Go get it.

The Bootstrap homepage showcases the new features and has a slight redesign. Hopefully it'll inspire Bootstrap users to customise their projects a little bit instead of using the same black gradient navigation bar on every single project!