Milkshake, An Introduction to WebGL, MapsGL

2011-10-14 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


Milkshake (GitHub: gattis / milkshake, License: LGPL)
by Matt Gattis is a WebGL audio visualiser that uses SoundCloud's API to
play audio. It'll play lots of tracks and cycle through tonnes of
visualisations based on

I particularly like the way the visualiser presets are JSON files, and
how everything is client-side -- this thing can be uploaded to GitHub
Pages or Dropbox and shared easily.

The choice of tracks really made me want to get some Girl
out (Feed the Animals is a great
way to start the weekend!)

An Introduction to WebGL

In An Introduction to
Luz Caballero explains the basics behind WebGL, including: browser
support, the rendering pipeline, WebGL libraries, and example code using


MapsGL from Google
is a new way to view Google Maps using WebGL. To use it, load up Google
Maps in the latest Chrome or Firefox 8+ and look for the "What to try
something new?" button on the bottom left-hand-side:

MapsGL uses new technology called WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library) to enhance the Google Maps experience. WebGL brings 3D graphics to your browser without the need to install additional software. This allows us to provide seamless transitions between various levels of imagery and different map views.

I really like the 45 degree view mode, but I could only get it working
around Rome for some reason. It's also slightly weird that when MapsGL
is enabled the Google Earth option still requires a plugin. However, it
does feel extremely slick, particularly zooming right in which
automatically transitions to street view mode.