Mibbu, LibCanvas, Zeon

2011-05-06 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


Mibbu (GitHub: michalbe / mibbu, MIT License) by Michal
Budzynski is a small games development framework that supports:

Michal has written an example Mibbu

which demonstrates the API. Here's an extract:

var Game = new mibbu(500, 500);


var sprite = new Game.spr('img/reptile.png', 200, 200, 7, 0),
    sprite2 = new Game.spr('img/reptile.png', 200, 200, 7, 0),
    background = new Game.bg('img/bg.jpg', 6, "S", {x:0,y:0});

If you want to read more details, mibbu.eu is a good
place to start. He's also written a post about it: Mibbu - javascript
html5 game

If Mibbu sounds familiar, then you may have read about it when we
covered OpenOdyssey which is
a game implemented in an early version of Mibbu.


LibCanvas (GitHub: theshock / libcanvas, LGPL) by Pavel
Ponomarenko is a Canvas library which includes APIs for:

There are a lot of examples on
libcanvas.github.com that show off these features. A simple LibCanvas looped
can be
implemented fairly painlessly:

var libcanvas = new LibCanvas('canvas').start();

var shaper = libcanvas
    shape : new LibCanvas.Shapes.Circle(150, 75, 60),
    fill  : '#900',
    stroke: 'red',
    lineWidth: 7

// Changing size and color
  props: {
    radius: 15,
    fill  : '#2d2d2d',
    stroke: '#4c4c4c',
    lineWidth: 1
  time : 1200,
  onFinish: function (prevAnim, prevProps) {
      props: prevProps,
      fn : 'bounce-out',
      time : 800,
      onFinish: prevAnim.repeat

This library is built on Atom by
the same authors:

Atom is compact JavaScript framework oriented on modern browsers, which allows to support quite broad list of features without keeping a lot of cruft necessary to implement them in old browsers.


Zeon.js by Peter van der Zee is a tool for analysing JavaScript. It has a custom parser, and an interesting
interface for exploring possible problems. It seems like the project is
still at an early stage, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Peter
does with it.