Mean, Survey Visualisations

2013-12-30 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young


You want to build a web application, and you need a database. You can write JavaScript, but you're not yet completely comfortable with Node. What do you do?

I wrote about Getting MEAN recently, a book about building web applications with MongoDB and Express. If you're interested in this approach, a quick way to get started is Mean (GitHub: linnovate / mean, License: MIT), a module that collects everything you need together. It even includes AngularJS and Bootstrap, so you get a solid interface out of the box.

If you already understand the MVC pattern, and use AngularJS, then this is definitely a quick way to get started. It's also a handy way of getting experiments up and running quickly, which is a great way to learn.

Survey Visualisations

Survey Visualisations

Konrad Dzwinel sent in these visualisations of the DailyJS survey. It allows you to see how answers to one question map to another. This is cool because I wanted to compare "What type of JavaScript do you write?" to "Where do you use JavaScript?" -- I was expecting to see a lot of people writing side projects for the server at home, but the split is pretty even.

The visualisations are powered by D3.js, and Bootstrap has been used as well.