London WebGL, JSONSelect

2011-05-27 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

London WebGL

Mozilla Labs has a good post up about the London WebGL
in a post entitled London
WebGL Meetup
The event was organised by Giles Thomas
who writes Learning WebGL (featured
previously on DailyJS here: JavaScript

When asked for "How many of you know what the Demoscene is?" 90% raised their hands. Record!

Mr. Doob was there too, it sounded like a great event. I'd love to attend the next one!


JSONSelect (GitHub: lloyd / JSONSelect,
License, npm: JSONSelect) by Lloyd Hilaiel is a selector language for JSON. There's an interactive demo on the project's
site which shows the supported selectors.

The author writes about JSONSelect more like a language than a
convenient Node parser -- in fact he calls the JavaScript code a
reference implementation.

Here's an example of the npm package in action:

var jsonselect = require('jsonselect');

jsonselect.match('.name', { people: [ { name: 'Alex' }, { name: 'Jones' } ] });
// [ 'Alex', 'Jones' ]

Do you remember when I reviewed TJ Holowaychuk's
finance app in the Finance Code Review Well,
TJ included a little file-based database using JSON. JSONSelect could be
the perfect partner for that approach, particularly for small open
source Express web apps.