Lazy Module Declaration, Mozilla Funds Hoodie

2013-12-09 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Lazy Module Declaration


Lazy Module Declaration (GitHub: azproduction / lmd, License: MIT), or LMD, is a module "assembler". Modules are written with CommonJS, then you add a JSON file that describes the build process. This file can be generated by the lmd command-line tool. The command-line tool can selectively include client-side specific functionality, so you can do things like build with IE optimisations.

It can also load CSS, and has Node integration. Interestingly, require seems to be decorated rather than overloaded:

require() is not overloaded: * require.css() for css * require.js() for js (non LMD-modules) * require.async() for async LMD-modules (objects, strings, modules)

The main contributor (Mikhail Davydov) works at Yandex, and is writing some interesting features for it. For example, there's a screenshot of a Mac-style GUI tool for LMD that looks impressive.

Mozilla Funds Hoodie

I wrote about Hoodie a few weeks ago, and the project recently had some good news: Mozilla donated $25,000.

Team Hoodie is proud to announce that Mozilla is supporting Hoodie with a $25,000 donation. Mozilla has interest in Hoodie with their Appmaker initiative. The donation will ensure that Hoodie development will commence faster and some early goals are support for Persona authentication in Hoodie, as well as a Docker-based “Hoodie as a Service” setup. In the spirit of both Mozilla and Hoodie, all this work will be available as Open Source software.

That's encouraging because there are many projects similar to Hoodie vying for wider adoption, so this seems like a much needed feather in Hoodie's cap.