Kinesis, Lo-Dash, Backbone-Super

2012-07-13 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young



When I was growing up I knew a good microswitch when I saw one. I ended up with a formidable collection of joysticks for gaming, but they're nothing compared to the extremes the arcade fighting stick mod community go to. Why am I boring you with my knowledge of awesome buttons? Well, the developers behind Kinesis want to bring Kinect hacking to a wider audience through their new JavaScript APIs.

Right now the SDK requires an invitation to download (really?), but there are some videos of Kinesis demos available now.

In the meantime I'll be standing in a corner with my Sanwa-modded Hori arcade stick playing some real video games.


I saw TJ Holowaychuk mention Lo-Dash (GitHub: bestiejs / lodash, License: MIT) on Twitter:

A drop-in replacement for Underscore.js, from the devs behind jsPerf.com, that delivers performance improvements, bug fixes, and additional features.

There are, of course, benchmarks:

Lo-Dash's performance is gained by avoiding slower native methods, instead opting for simplified non-ES5 compliant methods optimized for common usage, and by leveraging function compilation to reduce the number of overall function calls.

John-David Dalton has posted a video about the project to Vimeo: Lo-Dash's origin and why it's a better utility belt.


Backbone-Super by Lukas Olson adds a super method to Backbone.Model using John Resig's Inheritance script. Rather than using Backbone.Model.prototype.set.call as per the Backbone.js documentation, _super can be called instead:

var Note = Backbone.Model.extend({
  set: function(attributes, options) {
    this._super(attributes, options);