Kanso Repository, Recipes with Backbone, Appify UI

2011-12-16 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Kanso Package Repository

Kanso (GitHub: kanso ) has been changed to work more like a generic build system for
CouchApps. It's more framework agnostic, and includes a package repository, which is
available at kan.so/packages. From Caolan
McMahon in the New Kanso release and change of direction

Essentially, all you need to add to your project is a kanso.json file describing how it should be built. Once your app is in this format, it's possible to merge it with other design docs written in the same way. Using this basic principle, we've developed a library of JavaScript modules, build-steps, and more, all of which can be easily shared between projects.

If you're working with CouchDB and want a relatively easy way to run
JavaScript apps, then it's worth giving Kanso a try. The community on
the Kanso Google Group is still
relatively small and helpful.

Recipes with Backbone

Recipes with Backbone (price: \$24) is an ebook by Nick Gauthier and Chris Strom that covers an introduction
to Backbone.js, namespacing, view templates, collection views, actions,
animations, non-REST models, routes, and more. The full table of
contents is here: Recipes with
and excerpts are
available for Collection View
and Changes Feed (PDF).

I haven't yet bought a copy for review, but the sample content looks
promising. If you buy it, please let everyone know what you think in the

Appify UI

Appify UI by Thomas Aylott helps package web apps as Mac OS X bundles. The thing that makes
it slightly special is Node apps can be bundled just as easily as
anything else. There's a Node demo app, and instructions on how to make
them in the project's documentation.