2010-09-27 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

JSConf.eu - 2010 was this weekend, so a lot of interesting things have been going on in the JavaScript community. I
wasn't actually at the conference, but Oleg (who interviewed Ryan
) stopped by,
which means we should have more awesome interviews soon.

Videos of the talks haven't been posted yet, so keep your eyes on

JS1k Winners

The JS1k winners were announced at the conference,
with Legend Of The Bouncing Beholder by
Marijn Haverbeke taking the top prize. This is also one of the demos that most impressed me, in particular the
whimsical graphics.

I feel like this contest was a huge success, and has been both
well-received and respected by the community. I look forward to the next


I've compiled all the slides I could find from the talks:


Joyent quietly announced a limited public beta of their Node.js
. The people who have been playing with it seem
impressed so far.

Promotejs.com was widely shared during the conference. It's an attempt to get better search engine results for
serious JavaScript documentation (instead of dodgy dotcom-era sites).

Sound bites

'Does it run JavaScript' is the new 'Does it run Linux' @phiggins

Don't know about you, but to me, giving a talk with Brendan Eich and Douglas Crockford in the audience is pretty intimidating. :-) @robertnyman

I don't know an unemployed JavaScript developer. @rmurphey

surrounded by sleepless drunk people listening to crockford - it must be jsconf @aq

Thanks all for making this night so very memorable. @jsconfeu