jQuery 1.4 Released

2010-01-17 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Last week, version 1.4 of the popular jQuery
library was released. The new version includes some big performance
gains, alongside other cool stuff like:

* The ability to use .attr -style setter functions for all setters.

* Rails-style nested-parameter serialization for Ajax calls.

* Quick Element Construction: You can now pass in an object to add attributes and events at element-creation time:

jQuery("", {
    id: "foo",
    css: {
        height: "50px",
        width: "50px",
        color: "blue",
        backgroundColor: "#ccc"
    click: function() {
       $(this).css("backgroundColor", "red");

* Per-property Easing: You can now specify easing for individual properties of an

* The new jQuery.proxy() method allows you to bind this inside an event-handler to a
specific object.

* You can now bind many events to an element by passing an object containing those events:

  click: function(){
  mouseenter: function(){
  mouseleave: function(){

The 14 Days of jQuery website, created to
celebrate the new release, covers what's
in more detail.