jQuery Plugin Roundup 3: gameQuery, hotkeys, qTip

2010-03-09 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the jQuery Plugin Roundup, episode 3. Remember you can send
your plugins in for review through our contact form or


gameQuery is a jQuery plugin that helps make game development easier in JavaScript. It's so advanced that the
news section on its site has a post from 25th December 2010: so cutting
edge that it's from the future!

This plugin offers support for animations and sound handling. There are
various sprite-based methods for manipulating graphics. Sprites can be
CSS sprites, and gameQuery's API can be called to automatically animate
them based on horizontal or vertical frame positions. A sprite might
look like this:

It can also do collision detection:

# This method returns the list of elements colliding with the selected one, according to a filter:
$("#spaceship").collision(".missiles").each(function() {


js-hotkeys helps manage handlers for keyboard events. The API is very simple and clean:

$(document).bind('keydown', 'ctrl+c', fn);
$(document).unbind('keydown', 'ctrl+c', fn);


qTip is a tooltip plugin that can generate very clear and configurable tooltips. The site has lots of
demos, including a nifty one that uses a third-party service to generate external site previews:

The documentation explains
what HTML gets generated by the plugin so you can easily customise the
CSS. The API is very simple too:

$('ul:last li.active').qtip({
   content: 'This is an active list element',
   show: 'mouseover',
   hide: 'mouseout'