jQuery Mobile, Hummingbird, Mongoose

2010-08-16 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

jQuery Mobile

You've probably already heard about jQuery Mobile, but as I like jQuery
and mobile JavaScript, I thought I should link it up. jQuery
is aimed at touch-based phones and
tablets. There's a great graded browser
checklist -- they're working hard
to support a wide range of devices.

The framework includes layouts and widgets, and ThemeRoller support.

jQuery’s Mobile Strategy is a detailed overview of the project. It covers progress so far and future

We've been fixing bugs as we go and will continue to do so throughout the rest of the summer of 2010. We're hoping to have a fully A and B grade-compatible release of jQuery and Sizzle ready by October of 2010.


Hummingbird is a Node app for web analytics. It uses MongoDB and as such is a
good example of a site built with Mongo and Node.

It uses git submodules for dependency management, which makes it easy to
deploy to services like Heroku. If you're addicted to npm but not
comfortable with git submodules, you could reference how Hummingbird
does it.

I've been looking through the source and it seems like a solid app. Even
if you're not interested in using the app, it's a good example of a Node
app that uses Express and Mongo.


I've been using MongoDB for a project with Node, and I felt a bit
disappointed with
node-mongodb-native. It's a good library, but it does suffer from the old JavaScript nested
callback problem.

The Mongo site links to
Mongoose which attempts to address this problem. Mongoose uses models which are wrappers around
collections. Promises are used to help create a slightly "flatter"

Mongoose uses defineGetter to define getters and setters,
so your collection fields can be accessed with succinct syntax.

It looks like a good library to me but I haven't used it in anger yet.


I love vi, so here's jsvi. I
was pleasantly surprised with the bits of vi that it supports. If I can
find a way of jamming it into gmail I'll be happy. I've spent a few
weeks using Vimperator once and I was actually
fairly happy with it.