JavaScript Speech Recognition

2010-01-20 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Elias sent us a link to his JavaScript speech recognition API at
speechapi.com. It uses Flash to record audio and sends it to a server, then the server returns suggestions to a
callback. You have to register to use the API. Using the API looks like

var speechle;

function TheSettings() {
  var info = {'Userid':'eli', 'Logging':'true'};
  var eventCallbacks={'OnResult':'result', 'OnLogging':'logging', 'OnFinishTTS':'finishTTS'};
  var grammar={'Text':'one,two', 'Type':'simple'};
  speechle = new SPEECHLE(info,eventCallbacks,grammar);

The site has a few demos. One which worked pretty reliably for me was
the random quiz.

A similar technology is WAMI which uses
Java instead. You can try a demo in the WAMI


There are W3C standards relating to speech recognition:

See the Voice Browser Activity for a
centralised pool of related W3C resources.