JavaScript Charts Roundup

2009-12-15 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Following up from last week's post about
, I
thought I'd try to summarize some of the other charting options
available to JavaScript developers.


Flot is a jQuery-based JavaScript plotting library, which focuses on
simple usage. The results are fairly attractive, and has some
interactive features, such as zooming. It works with all modern browsers
(including IE6+, where Google's ExCanvas is used). If you're into Prototype, check out Flotr, a
Prototype port.


This is another jQuery plugin, and produces results not dissimilar to
Flot. It provides quite a wide range of graphing options.

dojo Charts

Dojo Charting, part of the Dojo
, provides many common
chart types including line, bar, area and pie charts.


Bluff is a James Coglan's JavaScript port of Ruby's
Gruff graphing library. It depends on James' JS.Class (and ExCanvas to
support IE).


PlotKit is based on MochiKit, but
unfortunately only supports IE6+ via Adobe's discontinued SVG


Inspired by Flot and PlotKit, Protochart build upon Prototype and
ExCanvas, providing a good range of charting options.

Google Visualisations

Google Visualizations provide a variety of ways to represent your data,
including charts from the Google Chart
as well as pure client-side
visualizations (some of which require Flash).

Yahoo UI Charts

YUI charts let you visualize tabular data on a web page in a variety of
different ways, but unfortunately the chart control depends on Flash 9.


This is not just restricted to charts, and it doesn't support IE (yet),
but I wanted it to include it anyway as, like Raphaël, Processing is
such a powerful tool.

Please let us know of any omissions in the comments!