JavaScript 3D: Pre3D

2010-01-14 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

WebGL is coming, and is in fact already present in developer preview
builds of Firefox, WebKit nightly and Chrome. Technically it's possible
to draw 3D graphics without WebGL. The
Pre3d library by Dean McNamee does this, citing Kragen's
as inspiration.

It has a simple API, with syntax like this:

var path = new Pre3d.Path();
path.points = new Array(size);
path.curves = new Array(size);

Dean has some interesting comments in the source for
pre3d.js with details on his design philosophy:

Because Arrays always go through the key lookup path, and there is no way to do a named lookup, it is faster to use objects than arrays for fixed size storage. You can think of this like the difference between a List and Tuple in languages like python

What about WebGL?

If you're dying to start using WebGL now, I found an excellent blog
called Learning WebGL. It has thorough
lessons and a